Hi! I'm...

Spencer A. Bywater

About Me

I'm a Computer Science student studying at Arizona State University. I've always loved working with computers, but when I was young, I wanted to learn how websites were made. So that's what I did! Since then I've honed my skills and learned even more. Here are a few things I like to do well:

My Work


System.out.println("I write good code!"); echo "I write good code!"; cout << "I write good code!"; printf("I write good code!");

I've coded with various programming languages and worked on a variety of projects, including usage of web-based and desktop development environments. I'm currently studying Computer Science at Arizona State University.

  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Some Assembly

Java was the first programming language I worked with in college. With it I learned the fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming, GUI design, and general programming concepts.


I have programmed with both C and C++, focusing on the intricacies of memory management (C/C++) and a further focus on Object-Oriented programming and data structures (C++).


I've tinkered with a variety of different kinds of programming, such as Assembly and TI-BASIC, which have helped me improve my programming skills. Overall, I love learning about new technologies and I'm looking for any opportunity to practice and become a more proficent developer.

Web Development

Web Development is my forté. I love making good-looking & functional websites. When I was younger, I saw the internet and thought "How do they do that?" So I figured it out and never turned back. I'm proficient at:

  • HTML & CSS, Sass
  • PHP & WordPress Theming
  • Experience with Web Servers
  • I wrote this tutorial
  • My Web Development work
  • Ice Fishing - Full WordPress Theme


I won't claim to be a pro designer, but I like to think that I know how to make something look good because I can observe good design and replicate it. I have worked for years with Raster Graphics using editors like The GIMP & Photoshop, but I also enjoy working with vector graphics. Although I spend more of my time dealing with code, I do my best to make sure the projects I make still end up usable and good-looking.

  • Personal Business card
  • Reverse Side of Business Card
  • A Movie Poster I designed for an extinct webseries
  • Some Design Practice

Contact Me

I'm open to work opportunities and making great ideas happen. You can contact me most easily in the following ways:

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